mysql workbench install

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# ---    :
Download Oracle MySql repo

yum install epel-release
# --> installation of the epel repository from the mandatory extras repo - this will make the proj package available

yum install proj
# --> installation of the proj library from epel repo

yum install tinyxml
# --> installation of the tinyxml library from epel repo

yum install libzip
# --> installation of the libzip library from mandatory base repo
# --> the libaries tinyxml and libzip are required to run the Workbench, but it's installation rpm package doesn't inform on it and doesn't get them from the repos

yum install mysql-workbench-community
# --> finally the installation of the Workbench

# Of course everything above can be done with much less typing since yum accepts the list of packages to be installed put in one line just only. I have made it so detail for better understanding.
# In case of some other installation problems with this or anyone else package it is good idea to look at the yum log file:
cat /var/log/yum.log | tail -1
# or at the log messages file:
cat /var/log/messages | tail -1
# or again at the messages, but looking for any Workbench like lines only:
grep Workbench /var/log/messages

Good luck !

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