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PS2=’# ‚ fi # enable color support of ls and also add handy aliases if [ -x /usr/bin/dircolors ]; then alias ls=’ls –color=auto‘ alias grep=’grep –color=auto‘ alias fgrep=’fgrep –color=auto‘ alias egrep=’egrep –color=auto‘ fi # — # # — Set a DISPLAY enviroment for X Display emulation export DISPLAY;DISPLAY=“$(echo „$SSH_CLIENT“ | awk ‚{print $1}‘):0″ # — Die EDITOR variable definiert den Standard Editor type fĂźs Anwendungen die eine externe Editor nĂź # — Vim (Vi IMproved) […]

grep print lines matching a pattern

Regular Expression to Match IP Addresses Use the following regular expression to match IPv4 addresses (actually it matches all expressions from to 999.999.999.999). #### Grep IP Addresses Parse a file and print all expressions that match a range between and 999.999.999.999. #### This regular expression is quite simple but you should understand that not all matches are technically valid IP addresses. Let’s find only valid IP addresses with the second regular expression. Match […]

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